Diploma in 3D MAX Rs.14,550 12,550 Special Offer

Duration : 3 Month Daily

APPLICATION OF 3D-MAX Rendering, Walk-through Views Give your interiors Special effects ! A Realistic look to your interiors & Architectural Designs with a Walk through Architectural drawings & layouts of all kinds. Interior design & facility planning. Line drawings. Click to View our Student Projects

Create 3D Models and Render them into Images or Movie Clips, Interior designing Walk-through Views, Design & Development. Enhance the look of your interiors with special effects. Give a Natural look to your interiors & Architectural Designs
, Lighting Tools, Models….

COURSE Contents


  • Introducing 3Ds Max
  •  Importance of 3Ds Max for Civil/Architecture Students
  • Creating all type of Standard, Extended, Primitive objects
  • Creating Doors, Windows and Stairs according to parameters


  •  Creating Doors, Windows frame, Panel, Glasses using Editor Spline
  • Convert Spline Options
  • Spline Editor: Weld, Break, Trim, Boolean, Divided etc.


  • Introducing Modifier
  • How to use Modifier
  • Creating Blanket with Bed and Table Cloth using some special modifiers
  • Creating Glass Model Using Modifier
  • Creating Curtains using special modifiers
  • Modifier : FFD, Lattice, Extrude, Displace, Shell, Skew, UVW Map etc.


  • Introducing Editable Poly
  • How to Convert Poly
  • Poly Options:Vertex, Edge, Border, Polygon, Spline
  • How to Create Basic Modeling
  • How to Create Advance Modeling
  • Creating Chairs, Table, Fan etc.


  • Importing AutoCAD 2D Plan File in 3Ds Max
  • Applying Camera, Lights and Materials in 3D Model view
  • Rendering Model View using Default Scan line Renderer
  • Rendering Building View using Mental Ray Renderer


  • Introducing Material Panel
  • Working with the Material Editor / Material Maps
  • Using Glass, Mirror, Texture Materials etc.
  • Apply Flooring Materials etc.


  • Introducing Light
  • How to use Standard & Photometric Lights
  • Using Spot light and Lens effects
  • Lights: Viewing a scene from a light
  • Difference of Free Light & Target Lights
  • Altering Light Parameters, Special Effects
  • Projector Maps & Raytraced Shadows


  • Introducing Cameras
  • Animation Basics : Using the animate button
  • Difference of Free Camera & Target Camera
  • Working with keys, Controlling time
  • Using the Motion Panel, Animating Objects
  • Working with the Track View
  • Working with Curves & Tangents
  • Filtering Tracks,Working with Controllers
  • Setting Rendering Parameters ..etc.
  • with Camera Walk through

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