Ms- Access Course Rs. 2550 /-

Duration : 9 Sessions

Features of Ms-Access . Ms-Access course also enables the student to utilize, the features of database taught in this course in an office environment with maximum efficiency.

Session 1 : Introduction to Ms-Access

  •  Getting Started
  • Creating a Database

Session 2 : Creating Tables

  •  Data types and sizes
  • Field properties
  • Creating indexes
  • Entering data
  • Editing and deleting data
  •  Datasheet view and from view

Session 3 : Editing Tables

  •  Copying and moving data
  • Sorting data
  • Creating filters on data
  • Specifying relationships between tables

Session 4 : Creating Simple Queries using QBE grid

  •  Queries involving multiple tables
  • Creating lookup queries

Session 5 : Prompting for selected Criteria

  •  Using totals, averages, and other calculations
  • Creating crosstab queries
  • Action queries

Session 6 : Creating simple forms using Form Wizards

  •  Main/sub forms

Session 7 : Introduction to macros

  •  Creating and running simple macros
  • Attaching macros to forms

Session 8 : Creating Reports

  •  Single-column reports
  • Tabular reports
  • Mailing label reports
  • Creating summary reports
  • Creating groups / totals reports

Session 9 : Creating graphs from your data

  •  Importing data from Excel and other data sources
  • Exporting data to Excel and other formats

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